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Release Radar · May 2022 Edition

Each month, we highlight open source projects that have shipped major updates. These projects can include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend hobbies. We cover what the…

Release Radar · May 2022 Edition

Each month, we highlight open source projects that have shipped major updates. These projects can include everything from world-changing technology to developer tooling, and weekend hobbies. We cover what the project is and some of their breaking changes. Read about the project, and browse their repositories. Without further ado, here are our top staff picks for projects that shipped major version releases this May.

Cura 5.0

Many 3D printing gurus would be familiar with Cura. It’s currently being used by millions of makers and is the most popular 3D printing software. Cura works with heaps of different printers and allows users to design, slice, and print your 3D creations. The newest update comes with a new slicing engine, which you’ll love if you’ve ever had trouble slicing up your model. There’s also support for the new Apple M1 and more streamlined workflows. There’s lots more fun updates and bug fixes which you can read about in the Cura Changelog, or watch the launch video.

Apollo 2.0

Who loves centralised systems? With Apollo, you can centrally manage your application and cluster configurations. No more jumping between different management systems. The latest update supports Java Runtime Environment 8, 11, and 17. The homepage has received an update to make the experience easier to view and navigate. There’s lots more new features and the usual bug fixes. Check out all the changes in the Apollo notes.

Snipe-IT 6.0

You won’t be able to stop the stream snippers, but you can say goodbye to spreadsheets with Snipe-IT. No one likes to manage databases and assets using spreadsheets. Snipe-IT allows you to manage and host your own asset management system. It’s built on Laravel 8 and is run from the web, so you don’t need a powerful computer or even an executable file. The latest version has been in the works for over a year and requires users to have PHP 7.4 or higher. Snipe-IT 6.0 also supports PHP 8. There are tonnes of additions and lots of improvements, including new mobile UI/UX, more compatibility, and faster loading times. Read all the new features on the changelog.

Ghost 5.0

Known as “the a blog on steroids”. Ghost is built for content creators and publishers to help manage memberships, subscriptions, and newsletters. We featured Ghost in our March 2021 Release Radar. The latest update to Ghost includes added premium tiers, multiple newsletters, special offers, detailed audience segmenting, and even more analytics. Check out all the changes on the Ghost blog. If you’re into Ubuntu and Node, check out Ghost since they are hiring Node.js engineers!

FX 23.0

Short for Function eXecution, FX is a terminal JSON viewer where you can browse JSONs via the terminal. You can use JavaScript, Python, or Ruby. FX also supports mouse and streaming, and preserves your key orders and big numbers. FX was previously written in Node.js, and now FX 23.0 has been rewritten in Go. There was also a lot of time spent on improving the terminal viewer. Head over to the repository to install FX, and check out all the cool colour themes!

Enioka Scan 2.0

Do you need a lightweight way to scan barcodes in your Android applications? Look no further than Enioka Scan. With Enioka Scan, users won’t be locked into a vendor, and the Android library is compatible with lots of devices. Check out the list of compatible devices in the repository. Enioka Scan 2.0 has reworked APIs, providing an even more seamless communication with the scanner service and individual scanners. Interfaces are streamlined and the scanner handles searches much better, making it run faster. Read all the changes in the release notes.

Release Radar May

Well, that’s all for this month’s top release picks. Congratulations to everyone who shipped a new release, whether it was version 1.0 or version 23.0. Continue the awesome coding work! If you missed our last Release Radar, read up on the amazing community projects from April.

We hope these releases inspire you to get involved in open source or update your projects. We love featuring projects submitted by the community. If you are working on an open source project and shipping a major version soon, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our new Release Radar repository, and submit your project to be featured in the GitHub Release Radar.

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