Change is inevitable, and this year, it has been inescapable. We’ve had to find new ways to relate, learn, and balance both work and life at home. One thing has stayed the same: developers collaborate and build a global community, no matter where they are.

Today, we are excited to announce this year’s State of the Octoverse report, which brings a new approach to sharing data and insights with our community. Similar to past reports, you will find data on GitHub’s growth and usage over the previous year. In addition, we will also share deep dives into the compelling patterns and trends we see to help developers and teams working in open source and enterprise organizations. These deep dives provide additional analyses in three areas: finding balance between work and play, empowering healthy communities, and securing the world’s software. 

We share patterns about the hours we worked this year and the ways our community is growing and changing. We also touch on the state of open source security and how teams can secure their systems, plus the role that automation plays in it all. 

But I don’t want to spoil it for you! Head to the report and check it out for yourself!