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Shaping the GitHub of the future as COO

GitHub is driving the future of software development and, after 10 years as a Hubber, I’m more energized than ever as I take on the role of COO to help bring our vision to life.

GitHub now works directly with AWS CodeStar

GitHub now works directly with AWS CodeStar

From code review and project management to deployment and monitoring, you can choose the exact tools your workflow needs among hundreds of apps and services available on the GitHub platform.…

Webhooks level up

Webhooks are by far our most widely adopted integration, but they've always been buried in a big list of external services. Today, we're making some major improvements in the way…

Minneapolis, MN Drinkup

@jonmagic and @kdaigle are in Minneapolis this week to welcome @jaw6 to our team so we want to buy you a drink! :beers: :cocktail: :wine_glass: We'll be at Kieran's Irish…