The Game Has Changed

GitHub's Game Off is back, and this year it's a little different! The Challenge Take an existing game or game jam entry on GitHub, fork it and do something awesome…

Lee Reilly

The Game Off Returns!

The GitHub Game Off, our very own game jam is returning next week! We've had some great games submitted in previous years and can't wait to see what you come…

Lee Reilly

GitHub Game Off II Winners

We announced our second annual game jam, the GitHub Game Off II, back in October. Today, we're revealing the winners and giving you the chance to play and fork these…

Lee Reilly

GitHub Game Off II

We ran our very first game jam last year and had so much fun, we decided to throw another one! The Challenge You have the entire month of November to…

Lee Reilly

GitHub Game Off Winners

Last month, we challenged you to create a web-based game loosely built around the theme of forking, branching, cloning, pushing, and/or pulling for our very first game jam, the GitHub…

Lee Reilly

GitHub Game Off

Here at GitHub, we're no strangers to hosting or sponsoring hackathons. With the growing number of games and game development resources on GitHub, we thought it was about time to…

Lee Reilly