SF Drinkup #30

It's time for another Drinkup in SF! We're headed to the Marina this month. Come join us for a drink at the Tipsy Pig and stay for the awesome conversation.…

Kami Richey

Drinkup in Helsinki Tonight

GitHub is in Helsinki, Finland for the first Reaktor Dev Day. To celebrate, we're sponsoring a GitHub drinkup in Helsinki tonight (Friday, Sep 2) at the after party tonight at…

Scott Chacon

GitHub Hoedown Drinkup

GitHub is in Nashville, TN this weekend for the Ruby Hoedown! I will be hosting a drinkup at the Red Door Saloon (Yelp) at 8pm. I'd love to buy you…

Matt Todd

Update – SF Drinkup #29

UPDATE: We're moving the drinkup to Mister Lew's Win Win Bar & Grand Sazerac Emporium. Sorry about the short notice, but it's not too far away. That special time of…

Kami Richey

SF Drinkup #28

For this month's Drinkup, we're doing it in the neighborhood... our new neighborhood. As some of you may know, we just moved to GitHub HQ 2.0, as in last weekend.…

Kami Richey

GitHub Drinkup SF #27

It's almost the second Thursday of the month, you know what that means... another drinkup. All of you visiting for WWDC should come and experience a drinkup on our home…

Kami Richey