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Welcoming CodePlex projects to GitHub

Welcoming CodePlex projects to GitHub

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the shutdown plans for CodePlex. We're working with the CodePlex team to streamline the experience of importing projects to GitHub for CodePlex users. As always, we…

Sara Ford

Move Fast and Fix Things

Anyone who has worked on a large enough codebase knows that technical debt is an inescapable reality: The more rapidly an application grows in size and complexity, the more technical…

Vicent Martí

Exception Monitoring and Response

Like most software applications, GitHub can generate a few exceptions. Incoming exceptions range from system-level issues including Git timeouts and missing references, to application-level issues including simple code mistakes and…

Justin Palmer

GitHub Rebase #18

First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it... Yes, git branch doesn't take a @-b@ flag. Sidewalk and chalk doesn't edit easily. Featured Project synapse Oh, you…

Nick Quaranto