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Precise code navigation for TypeScript projects

Precise code navigation is now available for all TypeScript repositories.
Precise code navigation gives more accurate results by only considering the set of classes, functions, and imported definitions that are visible at a given point in your code.

Precise code navigation is powered by the stack graphs framework.
You can read about how we use stack graphs for code navigation and visit the stack graphs definition for TypeScript to learn more.
You can also read more about code navigation for TypeScript and other languages in our documentation.

We’re excited to announce that GitHub is partnering with ORCID. You can now authenticate your ORCID account with your GitHub account, and display your ORCID iD on your public GitHub profile. ORCID provides a persistent unique digital identifier (an ORCID iD) that researchers own and control, and that distinguishes them from every other researcher.

Go to to authenticate your ORCID iD.

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New customers of GHEC enterprise managed users (EMUs) can now use the SSO and SCIM providers of their choice, separate from one another, for a more flexible approach to user lifecycle management. EMU enterprises will allow all valid SAML 2.0 and SCIM implementations as part of this public beta.

We are progressively rolling out this change to existing enterprises through March 19th. Existing EMU enterprises will see a new opt-in capability to allow writes to the SCIM API for callers other than the partner identity applications currently supported. A personal access token (Classic) with the admin:enterprise scope is required for SCIM writes. While in public beta, we do not recommend that existing customers change their current production identity system.

opt into SCIM API writes

Learn more about provisioning enterprise managed users with the SCIM API. If you have questions about migrating identity providers, please review the updated documentation or contact your account team.

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