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Hallo & 안녕하세요 – GitHub Mobile is now also available in German and Korean.

GitHub for Android and iOS is now available in German and Korean. Have feedback on the new languages? Share it via Settings > Share Feedback. You can always set your preferred app language in Settings.

Shortly after releasing Copilot content exclusions on November 8, 2023, our team observed that the feature was causing clients to be incorrectly blocked from using Copilot. This necessitated an immediate rollback of this feature.

What Happened?
Once the feature was enabled for all Copilot Business customers, we observed a spike in errors and some end-users being completely blocked from using Copilot. The problem was related to the way content exclusions policies are fetched from the client.

Current Actions and Next Steps:
Our engineering team is engaged in deploying the necessary fixes. We have identified the faulty code in the client and are also deploying more verifications both server and client side to ensure this does not happen again. However, we want to approach the reintroduction of this feature with caution. Customers who had previously setup a content exclusions configuration are not affected by the rollback.

We expect to re-deploy the feature within the next few weeks.

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Auto-triage rules are a powerful tool to help you reduce false positives and alert fatigue substantially, while better managing your alerts at scale. We've heard your feedback, which is helping us improve throughout this beta period.

Starting today, you can now create Dependabot auto-triage rules using CVE IDs or GHSA IDs to target subsets of alerts.

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