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Additional repository metrics available via GraphQL API

There are two new metrics available under the Repository object in the GraphQL API:

  • LastContributionDate – The most recent date there was any of the following activity: a commit to a repository’s default branch, opening an issue or discussion, answering a discussion, proposing a pull request, or submitting a pull request review. This is a good single-number metric to find projects that may be unmaintained or in need of archiving.
  • CommitCount – A monotonically increasing count of the total number of commits pushed to the default branch of the repository. Tracking the change in this over time will give a sense of the overall activity in the repository.

These metrics are currently in public beta, so you will need to include a header to your GraphQL requests to opt-in:

GraphQL-Features: ospo_metrics_api

Additional documentation and context around these metrics is available in the github-ospo repo. Please provide your feedback on this discussion thread:

New updates to the branches and commits pages are now in feature preview. These updates are focused on improved navigation, performance, and making these experiences more accessible.


Screenshot showing new branches page on GitHub Docs Repository

We added clarity to the list header explaining what each section of the branches page does. Stale branches are now hidden by default to speed up page load times.

GIF walkthrough of branches page showing the new UI and clicking on various elements to show new functionality.


Screen shot showing new commits page on GitHub Docs Repository

You can now filter commits by a date range and collapse the list per day to find the commits that matter to you quickly.

GIF showing the commits page filtering by date in a calendar and collapsing commits for a whole day

Click here if you have feedback and let us know in our community discussion.

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