Visual Studio

🤖 ARM Support

Version of the Visual Studio extension now supports ARM.

🔒 Support for Proxies That Use Basic Authentication

Version of the Visual Studio extension now support proxies that use a Basic Authentication scheme through an environment variable.

Visual Studio Code

🧪 Improvements to /tests Chat Command

The /test slash command is now better at detecting the testing framework you are using and will generate new tests in the same style, available with the GitHub Copilot Chat extension for Visual Studio, now in beta.

💬 Multi-Turn Chat Conversations

Chat can now refer to your previous messages to help answer your questions. To learn more about Copilot Chat beta in Visual Studio Code, head to the latest blog post.

💻 Ask GitHub Copilot defaults to the Chat view

A few months ago, we introduced an Ask GitHub Copilot option in the Command Palette so that you can take your query in the Command Palette and open it in a Copilot chat if the Command Palette didn’t provide a useful answer.

We gathered feedback on the preferred experience Ask GitHub Copilot should open: the Chat view in the side bar or Quick Chat. In an effort to make the first time experience more familiar, we chose the Chat view. With that said, if you would like Ask GitHub Copilot to open in Quick Chat, you can change the behavior with the askChatLocation setting:
“workbench.commandPalette.experimental.askChatLocation”: “quickChat”

🎨 Command Palette Similar Commands

This iteration, the Visual Studio Code team shipped the similar commands feature in the Command Palette. Copilot Chat users get an even better similar commands experience because we can use Copilot AI to determine similarity. These smarts help with synonyms and intent, and in our testing, Copilot was able to handle similarity across spoken languages as well. Finding the exact command you’re looking for in the Command Palette has never been easier!


📜 Enhanced Multi-Line Completions

We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to announce significant improvements to our multiline suggestions feature. ver the past several weeks, we have diligently tested and rolled out an update to enhance the number and quality of multiline suggestions. The model now does a better job of understanding when to suggest multiline code snippets, and you’ll notice that Copilot suggests multiline completions much more frequently.

This update impacts the following programming languages:
* JavaScript
* TypeScript
* Python

Improved Copilot Content Filtering

We’ve introduced changes to our filtering mechanisms to incorporate more context from your environment and prompt, allowing for more accurate detection of abusive prompts and fewer false positives.

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