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New Default: Underlined Links for Improved Accessibility

By default, links within text blocks on GitHub are now underlined. This ensures links are easily distinguishable from surrounding text. If preferred, you can "hide" underlines for these links in the accessibility settings. More details can be found in the documentation – managing the appearance of links.

Should you encounter any issues with this feature during its public beta, please provide feedback.

Thanks for aiding our mission to enhance GitHub's accessibility!

The redesigned GitHub navigation is now live for everyone! After a successful beta phase, which allowed users to test and provide feedback, we’re confident in providing a more intuitive, responsive, and accessible navigation experience to all users by default.

Image of the new global navigation

Key Features & Improvements:

  • Efficient Breadcrumbs: Navigate with a clear understanding of your location on GitHub.
  • Streamlined Menus: New menus facilitate quick access to top repositories, teams, and common workflows. Just click the menu icon on the upper-left to access the global menu, or your user profile for the user menu.
  • Built for Search: Optimized navigation for new code search experiences, inclusive of a quick-access button for the command palette.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Navigate seamlessly using any device and assistive technology.
  • Direct Links: Immediate access to a users entire collection of ‘issues’ and ‘pull requests’ across GitHub are availabel at the upper level of the navigation.
  • Mobile & Responsive Enhancements: Improved experiences on various screen sizes and devices.
  • Bug and Accessibility Fixes: Resolved issues to refine user interaction and accessibility.

Your Feedback Matters:

Your insights during the beta were invaluable. Thank you for helping us enhance GitHub. Explore and enjoy the refreshed navigation experience!

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