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We're making changes to the IP addresses used by GitHub Enterprise Importer for outbound network connections.

If you're using GitHub Enterprise Importer to run migrations, you will need to add our new IP range to the following IP allow lists, if enabled:

  • The IP allow list on your destination organization or enterprise
  • If you're running migrations from, the IP allow list on your source organization or enterprise
  • If you're running migrations from a GitHub Enterprise Server, Bitbucket Server or Bitbucket Data Center instance, the allow list on your configured Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3 storage account
  • If you're running migrations from Azure DevOps, the allow list on your Azure DevOps organization

This changes will take affect at 00:00 UTC on November 8, 2023. If you don't update your IP allow lists by this date, migrations may stop working.

Users who have run migrations using GitHub Enterprise Importer in the past 90 days will receive email alerts about this change.

For a full list of our IP ranges and more information, see "Configuring IP allow lists for migrations" in the GitHub Docs (

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