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[Private Beta] Jenkins Scripted Pipeline Migrations

Support for migrating Jenkins Scripted Pipelines to GitHub Actions is now available as a private beta! If you use Scripted Pipelines in your Jenkins instances, you can now automate the migration of your pipelines to GitHub Actions using GitHub Actions Importer.

To get started, please reach out to your GitHub account manager or contact our sales team! For questions and feedback about the private beta, please visit the GitHub Actions Importer community.

What would you do with twice the memory on your computer? How about 30% better CPU performance?

We’ve leveled you up!

Over the past six weeks we’ve upgraded underlying infrastructure for Codespaces, migrating from Intel to AMD based CPUs, which boast improved specs.

As of today, 4-core and higher Codespaces now include twice the RAM, and 30% better CPU performance, at no additional cost to you. You now get snappier performance and more room for your processes to stretch out without having to lift a finger. We’ll be rolling out the same upgrade for the 2-core Codespaces in a matter of days.

Save money

If you’re using an 8-core machine because you need the RAM, now you can save cost by backing that down to a 4-core machine so you get twice the bang for the buck. Same goes for scaling down from 4 to 2 cores, and so on. Because free usage of GitHub Codespaces is calculated by cores per hour, using a smaller machine will also give you more free coding hours.

Now your GitHub Codespaces cloud dev environment builds, tests, and shares your running application faster than ever, at the same price.

Note: this release does not affect the machines used in the generation of Codespaces prebuilds.

Give ‘em a spin!

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