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GitHub Actions: Update on save-state and set-output commands

On October 11, 2022, we annouced plans to deprecate the save-state and set-output workflow commands on May 31, 2023. We have since decided to postpone the removal given the amount of usage we are still seeing with these commands.

Workflows using save-state or set-output in their workflows will continue to work as expected, however, a warning will appear under annotations indicating the planned deprecation. We recommend customers using these commands to upgrade their workflows to use environment files.

For more information on environment files, please check out our documentation. To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap.

Repository rules are now generally available on

Screenshot of Repository Rules overview

Repository rules allow you to easily govern protections for branches and tags on your repositories. Repository collaborators also gain access to see what rules are in place via the Web, git client, and the GitHub CLI.

For GitHub Enterprise Cloud customer, you gain the ability to enforce branch and tag protections across repositories in your organization. As well as insights on rule enforcement, evaluation mode to test rules before enforcing them and governance around commit messages.

Check out the blog post to learn more about repository rules. And if you have feedback, please share and let us know in our feedback discussion.

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Today's Changelog includes updates to project templates, a pinned item side panel, and pull request support in tasklists!

🎨 Project template updates

Since we announced the public beta of project templates for organizations, we've made improvements to what is included in a template. Any configured workflows (other than the Auto-add to project workflow), project insights, and custom fields for draft items are now included when you use a project template or make a copy of a project.

Select a template when creating a new project to see a preview of what is included.

template dialog

As we continue to build out more functionality for project templates we would love your feedback and to hear more about your experiences and requests. Check out the documentation for more details.

📌 Pinned item side panel

You can now pin the item side panel in your project by selecting the pin icon in the top right corner. This allows for triage mode where you can interact with the project view while an item remains open in the side panel.


🏗 Tasklists: pull request support + bug fixes and improvements

Tasklists now support pull requests as items and you can create tasklists inside of pull requests! If you have already been putting tasklists into pull requests only to have them fail on you, failure no more. ✨

We've also made the following improvements to tasklists:

  • You can now drag and drop issues between groups when grouped by Tracked by
  • Text in issue hovercards for issues with tasklists now correctly renders issue descriptions
  • We improved the rendering of tasklists in email notifications
  • Tasklists no longer cause legacy task lists to be "off by 1"
  • Clicking Esc after selecting a single-line metadata menu now maintains the focus
  • Long URLs no longer extend past the borders of tasklists

🤸 Reorder fields in settings

You can now reorder your custom fields in the project settings by dragging and dropping them in the list to update the order that they appear in the item side panel and on the issue page. Once you've rearranged your fields, open an issue in the side panel to see your changes!

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Using Delete or pasting an empty value now clears the cell on the table layout
  • You can now undo drag and drop actions and archiving of an item using Command/Ctrl + Z
  • Fixed a bug where switching between views autoscrolled you to the right

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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