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Improved Issue creation experience for GitHub Mobile

Swiftly add content to new issues on GitHub Mobile

Introducing a new way of adding metadata while creating issues on GitHub Mobile

We are excited to enhance the Issue creation experience for GitHub Mobile by introducing a comprehensive Property Bar. This feature allows you to conveniently add assignees, labels, milestones, and projects while creating Issues on GitHub Mobile.

This powerful addition ensures that you have the necessary tools at your fingertips to create your issues with all relevant metadata even quicker than before.

Read more about GitHub Mobile and send us your feedback to help us improve.

GitHub Actions – OpenId Connect (OIDC) integration with AWS is now optimized to avoid pinning any intermediary certificate thumbprints.

While configuring GitHub as an OIDC IdP (ID Provider), AWS now secures communication by trusting GitHub Actions’s trusted root certificate authorities (CAs) instead of using a certificate thumbprint to verify GitHub’s IdP server certificate.
This will address and avoid any issues caused due to pinning certificate thumbprints while authenticating from GitHub to AWS using OIDC. No action is needed for GitHub customers.

Learn more about using OIDC with GitHub Actions.

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In April, we announced that GitHub Enterprise Cloud customers could join a public beta for streaming API request events as part of their enterprise audit log. As part of that release, REST API calls against enterprise's private and internal repositories could be streamed to one of GitHub's supported streaming endpoints.

However, we've discovered the need to expand our api call coverage against private and internal repositories in order to capture other security significant api routes. Additionally, we've determined several api routes targeting internal and private repositories generate significant event volumes with little auditing or security value. To address these concerns, we partnered with GitHub's security team to define a set of auditing and security significant controllers to serve as the basis for the public beta. These adjustments to the beta should increase signal and decrease the noise generated by the api request event being streamed.
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Note: hashed_token and token_id have been redacted for security reasons.

Enterprise owners interested in the public beta can still follow the instructions in our docs for enabling audit log streaming of API requests. We welcome feedback on the changes made to this feature on our beta feedback community discussion post.

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