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Manage caches in your Actions workflows from Web Interface

Caching dependencies and other commonly reused files enables developers to speed up their GitHub Actions workflows and make them more efficient.
We have now enabled Cache Management from the web interface to enable developers to get more transparency and control over their cache usage within their GitHub repositories.

Actions users who use actions/cache can now:

  • View a list of all cache entries for a repository.
  • Filter and sort the list of caches using specific metadata such as cache size, creation time, or last accessed time.
  • Delete a corrupt or a stale cache entry
  • Monitor aggregate cache usage for repositories and organizations.

In addition to the Cache Management UX that we have now enabled, you could also use our Cache APIs or install the GitHub CLI extension for Actions cache to manage your caches from your terminal.

Learn more about dependency caching to speed up your Actions workflows.
For questions or to share your feedback, visit the GitHub Actions community.

Team Maintainers may now disable notifications resulting from a team @mention in GitHub issue and pull request comments through an optional configuration in the team settings page. Notifications resulting from PR review requests are unaffected by this setting. Existing issue and PR subscriptions are also unaffected. This team setting will also be exposed via API.

For more information, see the teams documentation.

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Today's Changelog brings you bulk editing in the table layout and improvements to tasklists!

🦖 Bulk editing in tables

You can now update multiple cells in a column at once!

Update a range of cells in any column by dragging the small blue rectangle in the bottom right of any cell up or down. You can also use keyboard commands to paste values into multiple cells at the same time.

  • 1⃣ Copy a value, using Command+C (Mac) or Ctrl+C (Windows)
  • 2⃣ Select a range of cells by clicking on a cell, holding Shift and clicking a different cell in the column or select non-neighboring cells by clicking a cell and selecting multiple cells while holding down Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows)
  • 3⃣ Paste values into selected cells, using Command+V (Mac) or Ctrl+V (Windows)

✅ Tasklist lockless editing & live Projects updates

The hierarchy team has been hard at work improving tasklist performance on issues and in the Projects sidepanel speeding up editing and control of tasks by 2x! We call this class of improvements "lockless editing" and we're working on baking this approach into all tasklist operations in the future.

We've also improved the speed of tasklists updates reflecting in your projects. Changes to the Tracked by and Tracks columns, which could previously take minutes are now reflected in real-time. 🎉

🐞 Tasklist bug fixes and improvements

  • Added a confirmation dialog when selecting the "Delete Tasklist" option in the three-dot-menu
  • Added a toast to prevent users adding more than 1,200 items to their project (the current project limit) when grouped by Tracked by
  • Improved logic and handling of issues with long titles and multiple labels
  • Fixed the item state icon when a Tracked by issue is closed as not planned
  • Increased the width of the Tracked by filter suggestion so users can now read the entire issue title without truncation
  • Added support for issue deletion and transfers within tasklists and issues with tasklists
  • When filtering by Tracked By in your project, items added will now show up in the last tasklist of the issue you are filtering by
  • The tasklist button in the Markdown toolbar now accepts other kinds of list types as well as titles when highlighting text and clicking the tasklist button
  • Fixed an error where some users weren't able to see issues with tasklists in the Tracked by search menu in the project filter
  • Fixed a bug where private issues were being displayed when grouped by Tracked by
  • Fixed a bug where completion data for the Tracks column was stuck in a loading state
  • Fixed an error where tasks were sometimes "reverting" to previous state after a user action
  • Fixed a bug where users who did not have write-access to the repository, but did have write-access to the issue were not able to access the tasklist omnibar
  • Fixed incorrect display of the Tracked by pill in the project item side-panel

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Enabled scrolling on the project description panel
  • Added the Repository field pill to board items when toggling it from the Fields menu
  • Fixed project and workflow filtering to support unmatched quotes
  • Fixed a rendering issue when displaying multiple field sums
  • Fixed a bug where some Mermaid diagrams were not rendering in the projects side-panel
  • Fixed a bug where leading whitespaces caused a filter to error

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what's on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.

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