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Introducing the ability to subscribe to specific Discussion categories on Slack

Many users use our Slack integration to know what’s new in their repo’s Discussion. However, for large repos, these notifications can get overwhelming. Today, we’re introducing the ability to subscribe to specific Discussion categories in Slack. By default, when users subscribe to a Discussion, they subscribe to all categories. With the new command, we’re introducing a way to add category filters:

/github subscribe <org_name>/<repo_name> discussions:{category:"<category1>","<category2>"}

Users can also unsubscribe a Slack channel from previously set category filters with a similar command:

/github unsubscribe <org_name>/<repo_name> discussions:{category:"<category1>"}

Note: By default, if no category filters were added, the app will subscribe to all categories in the Discussion. Similarly, if you remove all category filters, the app will return to its default state of being subscribed to all categories. To unsubscribe from Discussions entirely, users can continue to use the unsubscribe command on Discussions, as shown below:

/github unsubscribe <org_name>/<repo_name> discussions

The GitHub Enterprise Server 3.8 is generally available

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.8 brings new capabilities to help companies build and deliver secure software. We've added over 100 features, and here are a few highlights:

  • GitHub Projects, the adaptable and flexible tool for planning and tracking work on GitHub is now available on Enterprise Server as a public beta.
  • GitHub Actions support organization-wide required workflows. You can define mandated workflows to run during the lifecycle of a repository’s pipeline.
  • Code scanning now supports Kotlin. We are launching a public beta for support of Kotlin, with this support enabled for all new code scanning users and any existing users that have already configured a Java analysis.
  • The Management Console now supports multiple users. We are introducing a multi-user concept with a user management interface to the Management Console to allow admins to invite new users with different types of access roles.

To learn more about about GitHub Enterprise Server 3.8, read the release notes, and download it now.

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You can now designate different types of credits to users who contribute to GitHub security advisories.

These new credit types mirror those in the CVE 5.0 schema:

  • finder
  • reporter
  • analyst
  • coordinator
  • remediation developer
  • remediation reviewer
  • remediation verifier
  • tool
  • sponsor
  • other

Going forward, GitHub will automatically apply the the reporter credit type to anyone credited after submitting a private vulnerability report and the analyst type to anyone credited after submitting an edit to the global Advisory Database. We've also retroactively applied those labels to previously credited individuals who took those actions.

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