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Privacy statement updates: Adding web cookies to enterprise marketing subdomains

[August 2, 2022] Update: In order to better reach and improve the web experience for enterprise users, we are adding non-essential web cookies to certain subdomains that specifically market our products to businesses. These cookies will provide analytics to help us improve and deliver a better site experience for our enterprise customers, and enable us to further our support for enterprises through personalized content and marketing around our enterprise solutions.

The developer community remains the heart of GitHub, and we’re committed to respecting the privacy of developers using our product. We also recognize that we need to improve the developer experience for enterprise users and make it easier for businesses to find our enterprise solutions. This change is only on subdomains where GitHub markets products and services to enterprise customers, and all other GitHub subdomains will continue to operate as-is. 

You can learn more and give feedback on our privacy policy here for the next 30 days, after which the change will go into effect.

It's now easier to debug CodeQL analysis problems in code scanning: click Re-run jobs from the GitHub Actions workflow run page, check the Enable debug logging box, and hit the Re-run jobs button.

Re-run all jobs

The data will be uploaded as an Actions artifact named debug-artifacts, attached to the workflow run. Such artifacts contain CodeQL logs, CodeQL databases, and the SARIF files that were produced.

Actions artifacts

These artifacts will help you when you're debugging problems with CodeQL code scanning. When contacting GitHub support, you might be asked for this data.

As part of the analysis, CodeQL extracts your source code into a relational database format. The debug artifacts include more detailed information about CodeQL extraction errors and warnings that occurred during database creation. If you want to permanently enable debug logging for the CodeQL analysis, or would like more information about troubleshooting CodeQL, please follow these instructions.

This feature is now available to all users on and will also be available in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.7.

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