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File Finder: Customize Default Exclusions

The repository file finder is a convenient way to jump to a specific file by typing part of its path. It can be accessed by pressing t or using the “Go to file” button.

The file finder hides files in directories like vendor/ and build/ by default. These exclusions can now by customized using linguist attributes in a .gitattributes file. For example:

vendor/** linguist-vendored=false
build/** linguist-generated=false

An image of the file finder locating files in a repository's build directory using fuzzy search

Learn more about the file finder
Learn more about .gitattributes

In April 2022, we released improvements to help streamline your Codespaces experience when working with multi-repository and monorepo projects. Today we're announcing support for prebuilding these project types as well to enable you take advantage of fast creation times across any project configuration.

Prebuilding codespaces for multi-repository projects

For multi-repository projects, or projects that need additional dev time resources (ex. packages), repository administrators can now specify required permissions in the dev container configuration for a prebuild-enabled branch. The prebuild configuration UI will then guide the administrator to authorize those permissions during the creation of the prebuild. This means that users no longer have to set up and manage repository level personal access tokens for prebuild-enabled multi-repository projects.
Authorize permissions for prebuilds!

Prebuilding codespaces for monorepo projects

For monorepo projects, repository administrators can choose a specific dev container configuration from within their repository to be prebuilt while configuring the prebuild. This enables sub-teams working on specific parts of a monorepo to have a prebuild that is optimized for their scenario and requirements.
Select a specific dev container to prebuild

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Here are some helpful links to get you started:

If you have any feedback to help improve this experience, be sure to post it on our discussions forum.

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