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Option to prevent animated images from playing automatically

There is now an option to prevent animated images, like GIFs, from playing automatically. By default, GitHub respects your system level preference to reduce motion. However, you can also disable autoplay entirely in the Accessibility settings. Once disabled, two buttons will let you control animated images: a play/pause button, and a button to open the link of an image.

A screenshot showing the controls of an animated image when autoplay is disabled

Via our new beta feature, enterprise owners can now revoke pending member invitations from the pending invitations page within the enterprise account:<enterprise>/pending_members. This beta feature only applies to enterprise member invitations not invites for enterprise administrators and outside collaborators.

To learn more, please read about viewing people in your enterprise.

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Device verification protects new sessions if you don’t have two-factor authentication enabled, using an email notification. We’ve updated this feature to allow you to verify your sign in using GitHub Mobile. Device verification will by default use GitHub Mobile notifications. However, you can still request an email notification if your phone is unavailable.

For more information, read about “Authenticating in your browser.”

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