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New help and getting started experience in GitHub app for Microsoft Teams and Slack

We have now improved the help and getting started experience in GitHub app for Microsoft Teams and Slack.

  1. From the moment you install or access the app for the first time, you are guided step by step until you have successfully used the app.
  2. Learning about the app functionalities is simplified with the new “help” experience.

Teams help

Teams help

For more information, see the full documentation for GitHub for Microsoft Teams or GitHub for Slack.

We've added an enhancement to the repository view for a branch that is different than its upstream branch. Previously we showed the number of commits the branch was ahead or behind the upstream, but there wasn't an easy way to show the differences. Now you can click a link that takes you to a comparison page to see the differences.


Note: there is a different link for ahead versus behind

  • ahead represents changes your branch has but the upstream branch does not
  • behind represents changes the upstream branch has but your branch does not

Read more about branches.

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GitHub Advanced Security customers can now see an overview of Dependabot alerts at the enterprise level. This page provides a repo-centric view of application security risks, as well as an alert-centric view of all secret scanning and now Dependabot alerts. The views are in beta and will be followed in the coming months by alert-centric views for code scanning.

Dependabot alerts at the enterprise level

Learn more about security overview
Learn more about GitHub Advanced Security

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