Update on March 4, 2022: We have temporarily paused the sunset. Please read the official announcement for more information.

In early 2020, we moved the Teams API from a top-level path under /teams/:team_id to a scoped path under the organization that owns the team like /organizations/:org_id/team/:team_id and added support to make the API available under a named path like /orgs/:org/teams/:team_slug.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sunsetting the API endpoints under /teams/:team_id.



  • March 1, 2022 for 12 hours starting at 14:00 UTC
  • March 8, 2022 for 24 hours starting at 14:00 UTC

If you make a request to an affected endpoint during the brownouts, GitHub will respond with a client error.


  • March 15, 2022 at 14:00 UTC

Affected endpoints

  • GET /teams/:team_id
  • PATCH /teams/:team_id
  • DELETE /teams/:team_id
  • GET /teams/:team_id/teams
  • GET /teams/:team_id/repos
  • GET /teams/:team_id/repos/:owner/:repo
  • PUT /teams/:team_id/repos/:owner/:repo
  • DELETE /teams/:team_id/repos/:owner/:repo
  • GET /teams/:team_id/projects
  • GET /teams/:team_id/projects/:project_id
  • PUT /teams/:team_id/projects/:project_id
  • DELETE /teams/:team_id/projects/:project_id
  • GET /teams/:team_id/members
  • GET /teams/:team_id/members/:username
  • PUT /teams/:team_id/members/:username
  • DELETE /teams/:team_id/members/:username
  • GET /teams/:team_id/memberships/:username
  • PUT /teams/:team_id/memberships/:username
  • DELETE /teams/:team_id/memberships/:username
  • GET /teams/:team_id/invitations

Steps to take

The easiest way to update your code is to switch to the /organizations/:org_id/team/:team_id path. If you're unsure of what org_id to use, you can GET the current team under /teams/:team_id and find the id field inside the organization hash in the response.

Please refer to the REST API documentation to learn more about supported Teams API endpoints.