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Discussions support in the GitHub app for Microsoft Teams and Slack

Discussions are now supported in the GitHub app for Microsoft Teams and Slack.


  • You can now subscribe to the discussions feature from a channel in Microsoft Teams or Slack, or a personal app in Microsoft Teams.
  • After subscribing, you will be notified when a discussion is created or answered.

URL previews

  • When you post a link to a discussion in Microsoft Teams or Slack, a preview of the discussion will now be displayed.

For more information, see the full documentation for GitHub for Microsoft Teams or GitHub for Slack.

Today, we’re shipping improvements to Dependabot alerts that help you more easily understand and remediate vulnerabilities from dependencies in your codebase.

Persisted Dependabot alerts

Developers can now view alerts that have been fixed in the Dependabot alerts UI.

Included changes:

  • Starting today, fixed Dependabot alerts will now persist and continue to appear under the “closed” tab in the UI
  • All individual alerts now have unique numeric identifiers.

Ungrouped alerts

Previously, Dependabot alerts displayed multiple security advisories grouped by package. Dependabot alerts will now represent a single advisory, rather than being grouped by package.

Included changes:

  • Alerts are now displayed individually (one per advisory and manifest)
  • Previous alert details pages will redirect to a filtered list view by the package name
  • Alert titles will now be more useful to developers and show information about the advisory, rather than just the package name.

This update will not affect Dependabot alert email digests or notifications, Dependabot pull requests, or the GraphQL API.

Learn more about the improvements we’re making to Dependabot alerts in our latest blog post, or read our documentation.

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