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Light high contrast theme GA

A light high contrast theme, with greater contrast between foreground and background elements, is now generally available to all users. Navigate to the "Appearance" page in your profile settings to choose the light high contrast theme.

A VS Code light high contrast theme matching the official theme is also now generally available. To start using the new theme, go to the VS Marketplace, click on the "Install" button, and select your preferred theme in VS Code.

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appearance settings with new light high contrast theme

GitHub can display several common image formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, PSD, and SVG, and provides several ways to compare differences between versions. Now when reviewing added or changed images in a pull request, previews of those images are shown by default:


Previously, you would see a message indicating that binary files could not be shown and you would need to toggle the "Display rich diff" option.

Learn more about working with non-code files.

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Users can now retrieve all their code scanning alerts at the GitHub organization level via the REST API. This new API endpoint supplements the existing repository level endpoint.

This API is available on starting today and will also be available to GitHub Enterprise Server users starting version 3.5.

Learn more about the code scanning REST API
Learn more about GitHub Advanced Security

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