Following our last update, we have a number of exciting updates and improvements being released today for the new projects experience.

🔗 Stay in sync with linked pull requests

One of the top requested features, you can now easily see what work is in progress with our latest field type linked pull requests for both the table and board layouts.

  • Open the new field menu or the command palette to add the field linked pull requests to any of your existing views.
  • On the table this will display as a new column.
  • Or on the board this will display embedded in the card.
  • Learn more about linking issues and pull requests.

Linked pull requests

📝 Shape your draft issues

We have added multiple improvements for draft issues, you can now:

  • Add assignees ✨.
  • Include a markdown body.
  • View and edit the content in our new side-panel.

Then easily convert your draft to an issue in your chosen repository when you are ready.

Draft issues

🐇 Access your projects through your repository

To bring your projects closer to your code, you can now curate a list of projects useful to your team under the projects tab in any repository. Projects are still created and owned by the organization or user but are now much faster to access.

  • Open the projects tab in a repository.
  • Hit the add projects button to search for a project under the same organization or user account as the repository.


✨ Bug fixes & improvements

Other changes include:

  • Group by is now enabled for both assignees and repositories ✨.
  • Iterations have a new filter option to always return the @current iteration.
  • Bug fix – for certain Japanese characters in the omnibar.
  • The current iteration now includes the current label when in group by.
  • Date ranges for iterations are included in the board layout.
  • Bug fix – sort by assignee will now be in alphabetical order, regardless of case.

See how to use GitHub for project planning with GitHub Issues, check out what’s on the roadmap, and learn more in the docs.