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Specify theme context for images in Markdown

Users can now specify the theme an image is displayed for in Markdown. Appending #gh-dark-mode-only or #gh-light-mode-only to the end of an image url will define whether it's only shown to viewers using a light or a dark GitHub theme. For example:

Two screenshots of the same issue in dark and light color mode demonstrating the two fragment options by showing an optimized github logo for each color mode

The GitHub logo in the above screenshots uses the following Markdown to specify the theme context:


We’ve improved the depth of CodeQL's Python analysis by adding support for more libraries and frameworks, including:

  • FastAPI
  • aiomysql
  • aiopg
  • asyncpg
  • Django REST framework
  • The os.path module
  • Flask-Admin
  • toml
  • ruamel.yaml
  • SQLAlchemy

As a result, CodeQL can now detect even more potential sources of untrusted user data, steps through which that data flows, and potentially dangerous sinks in which this data could end up. This results in an overall improvement of the quality of the code scanning alerts.

We carefully choose and prioritize the libraries and frameworks supported by CodeQL based on their popularity and through user feedback. These improvements are now available to users of CodeQL code scanning on, and will also be available in the next release of GitHub Enterprise Server (3.4).

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You can now run workflows for Python projects faster on GitHub Actions by enabling dependency caching on the setup-python action. setup-python supports caching for both pip and pipenv projects.

The following example enables caching for a Python project with pip:

- uses: actions/checkout@v2
- uses: actions/setup-python@v2
    python-version: '3.9'
    cache: 'pip'
- run: pip install -r requirements.txt
- run: pip test

For additional examples, visit the setup-python repository.

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