Organizations using GitHub Enterprise Cloud now have more granular control over the repository access permissions they can grant to users, with custom repository roles – now available in Beta.

A custom repository role is created by an organization owner, and is available across all repositories in that organization. Each role can be given a custom name, and a description. It can be configured from a set of over 40 fine grained permissions. Once created, repository admins can assign a custom role to any user, team or outside collaborator in their repository.

Custom repository roles can be created, viewed, edited and deleted via the new Repository roles tab in Organization settings.

Screenshot 2021-10-25 at 12 59 46 PM

Custom repository roles are also fully supported in the GitHub REST APIs. The Organizations API can be used to list all custom repository roles in an organization, and the existing APIs for granting repository access to individuals and teams have been extended to support custom repository roles.

To get started with custom repository roles, read the docs.