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Webhook Deliveries API

You can now programmatically check the status and resend repository, organization, and Apps webhooks through the REST API, to complement functionality currently provided in the Settings user interface.

Using these new API endpoints, you can now list webhook delivery attempts from the last 30 days, read the status and payload of specific deliveries, and trigger a redelivery if needed.

To get started, see the documentation.

We've shipped a couple of changes to our APIs:

  • The code scanning API now returns the CodeQL query version used for an analysis. This can be used to reproduce results or confirm that an analysis used the latest query.
  • Admin users can now use the REST API to enable or disable GitHub Advanced Security for repositories using the security_and_analysis object on repos/:org/:repo. In addition, admin users can check whether Advanced Security is currently enabled for a repository by using a GET /repos/{owner}/{repo} request. These changes help you manage Advanced Security repository access at scale. For more information, see the repos REST API documentation.
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