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The GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 release candidate is here!

The first GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 Release Candidate is now available for download.

Enterprise Server 3.0 is our biggest ever Server release. It brings an extensive set of new features to companies on GitHub Enterprise Server, enabling any company to manage DevOps and security with a set of developer-first tools that make automation, CI, CD and code security part of your existing workflows.

Features include:

  • Actions (GA) – developer-first workflow automation and CI/CD
  • Packages (GA) – packages hosted next to your code
  • Mobile Apps (Beta) – work from the living room or coffee shop, with iOS and Android apps

For companies interested in automating code security with GitHub Advanced Security, we’re also bringing:

  • Code scanning (GA) – scan every pull request for known vulnerabilities with CodeQL
  • Secret scanning (Beta) – detect credentials in code before they hit production

We've also containerised GitHub Enterprise Server, paving the path to a more modern and flexible way to administer GitHub.

Read the full release notes or download the release candidate today. Release Candidates are pre-release builds, which should be installed on test or staging environments. GitHub Support are here to help with any issue found in a release candidate, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

You can now delete an entire directory of files including subdirectories from your web browser:

  1. Browse to the directory in the repository and branch that you want to delete
  2. In the top-right corner, click "…", and then Delete directory
  3. Review the list of files
  4. Depending on your permissions and the branch protection rules, choose to either commit the change directly or propose the change using a pull request

Learn more about deleting a file or directory

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