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LGTM Enterprise 1.26.0

For customers of GitHub Advanced Security running LGTM Enterprise, we have released LGTM Enterprise v1.26.0. This release is recommended for all LGTM Enterprise customers and includes several bug fixes, as well as the latest version of the CodeQL CLI and the most up-to-date queries. For more information, check the CodeQL CLI Changelog.

Download LGTM Enterprise v1.26.0

Dependabot version updates now support

  • Kotlin manifest files like .gradle.kts (gradle)
  • PHP using the latest composer v2 (composer)

These are possible thanks to community contributions to Dependabot. If you’d like to contribute an improvement to Dependabot’s support for an existing ecosystem, check out Dependabot’s contributing guidelines. At this time, we’re taking a short break from accepting new ecosystem additions in order to update support for existing ecosystems.

To enable version updates and add support for these package managers, check in a dependabot.yml file with the specified package-ecosystem.

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Starting today, GitHub Code Search will only index repositories that have had recent activity within the last year. Recent activity for a repository means that it has had a commit or has shown up in a search result. If the repository does not have any activity for an entire year, the repository will be purged from the Code Search index. This change will enable the most relevant content for developers to surface in the code search index as well as keeping code search queries fast for all customers.

For questions, visit the GitHub community

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