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Enterprise Domain Verification for GitHub Enterprise Cloud in Public Beta

GHEC enterprise owners may now verify domains across their enterprise account and restrict email notifications to addresses within those domains. This feature expands upon the existing organization verified domains functionality, allowing the email notification restrictions to apply to specific organizations or the entire enterprise.

Learn more about enterprise verified domains.

Today we are releasing an open beta for the new continuous delivery capabilities in GitHub Actions. In this open beta there is no need to sign up, all existing GitHub organizations and accounts can use the new capabilities in their public repositories and GitHub Enterprise Cloud organizations can use them in all repositories.

The addition of environment protection rules and environment secrets enable separation of concerns between deployment and development to meet compliance and security requirements. The required reviewers environment protection rule will automatically pause a job trying to deploy to the protected environment and notifies the reviewers. Once approved, the job runs and is given secured access to the environment’s secrets. Also, the environments page includes a deployment log and information on the latest code change deployed to each environment.

Protection rules and secrets

Environment history

Learn more about environments

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