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When new containers are pushed to a command line client (like the docker CLI) often displays the container name after a successful push like this Because these name look so much like URLs we've now added support for you to click directly on those names in your terminal and be taken to the container page automatically.

As more and more versions of containers are published it can become harder to find the tagged images in between a long list of untagged images which create a lot of noise. Now when you visit the version list page of a container, like the super-linter versions, you'll see options for listing tagged, untagged, and all images. We default to showing only the tagged images on the version list page to keep the list limited to the most important images.

This filtering is only available for GitHub Packages containers (beta).

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In GitHub Enterprise Cloud, the Audit Log now includes Git events and has a new REST API. Both are available as a limited public beta. The new Git events will allow you as an administrator to review activities for users interacting with your Git repositories. You can view events for git.clone, git.fetch, and git.push. Additionally, the new REST API provides you with another option to interface with your Audit Log events. During the limited public beta, Git events can only be viewed via the REST API and can be exported.

How can you get access to this limited public beta? To be added to the limited public beta, please contact Sales or Support.

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