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Dark mode public beta

Dark mode is now available to all users as a public beta. To select your preferred theme, navigate to your profile settings and click on the new “Appearance” tab to choose between defaulting to your system preferences, light mode or dark mode. Follow the GitHub public roadmap for updates on dark mode support for GitHub Enterprise Server.

Learn more about dark mode for GitHub and send us your feedback.

Dark mode for GitHub

GitHub Actions can now generate a visual graph of your workflow on every run. With workflow visualization, you can

  • view and understand complex workflows
  • track progress of workflows in real-time
  • troubleshoot runs quickly by easily accessing logs and jobs metadata
  • monitor progress of deployment jobs and easily access deployment targets

Workflow visualization for GitHub Actions is now available in a public beta. To view a visual graph of your workflow, simply navigate to the workflow home page and select the run for which you will like to see the graph.

graph example of a workflow run

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community

To see what's next for Actions, visit our public roadmap

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GitHub Discussions is now available as a public beta, providing you with a dedicated space for your community to ask and answer questions, and have conversations that are separate from issues in your repository.

Discussions work a lot like issues. However, with discussions you can also:

  • Mark questions with an answer
  • Convert issues into discussions
  • Categorize discussions – fully customizable
  • Have threaded conversations
  • Pin up to 4 discussions

We will continue adding more functionality based on your feedback, including adding Discussions to GitHub for mobile as a beta.

If you are an admin or maintainer of a public repository you can enable Discussions via repository settings for your community today!

Learn more about Discussions

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