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NuGet normalizes versions on publish

The Packages NuGet service now normalizes versions numbers on publish. An invalid semantic version (ex. v1. is not downloadable by NuGet clients and therefore a NuGet service is expected to normalize those versions (ex. v1. –> v1.0.0). Any original, non-normalized, version will be available in the verbatimVersion field. No changes to client configurations are required.

You can now use the --api-key command line option for publishing NuGet packages. This change allows you to pass your authentication token directly instead of storing it in the nuget.config file. This feature is available for all plans.

    - name: Publish
      run: |
        dotnet nuget push "*.nupkg" \
          --api-key ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} \
          --source${{ github.repository_owner }}

Learn more about NuGet and GitHub Packages.

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Workflows using the ubuntu-latest runner label will soon run on Ubuntu-20.04. GitHub Actions has supported Ubuntu-20.04 in preview mode since June 2. During these past four months we have monitored image stability and customer feedback, and waited for a range of critical software tools to improve support for Ubuntu-20.04.

Now Ubuntu-20.04 is ready to be the default version for the ubuntu-latest label in GitHub Actions workflows. This change will be rolled out over a period of several weeks beginning on November 30, 2020.

If you see any issues with your workflows when they are transitioned to Ubuntu-20.04:

  • File an issue in the virtual-environments repository
  • Switch back to Ubuntu 18.04 by specifying the ubuntu-18.04 runner label. We will continue to support Ubuntu 18.04.

Note that image software between Ubuntu-18.04 and Ubuntu-20.04 differs by the pre-installed and default versions versions of some tools. See the full list of changed software.

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