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Code navigation for C# repositories

Jump to definition and find all references are now available for all C# repositories on GitHub.

When you view a C# file on, you can click on a function or method name and see a code navigation card with links to all of its definitions and references within the same repository. We use the tree-sitter library to find definitions and call sites in your code.

Special thanks to @damieng, @initram and @noellelc for their contributions in tree-sitter to make C# support happen!

Learn more about jump to definition and find all references

Check out the tree-sitter library

We changed the GitHub Actions self-hosted runner group default access to disable "Allow public repositories." This change impacts runner groups created before Sep 4, 2020 and changes those runner groups to a more secure default.

GitHub does not recommend the use of self-hosted runners with public repositories. If you are aware of the risks, and you choose to run workflows on your public repositories, you can update your runner group access to “Allow public repositories.”

Learn more about managing access to self-hosted runners.

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