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About Codespaces pricing

In May, we announced the beta release of GitHub Codespaces, a cloud development environment that lets you code from anywhere.

Thousands of users are using Codespaces to improve collaboration, onboard faster, offload compute to the cloud, and improve security. Many of our beta participants have also said they’re excited to roll out Codespaces as soon as it’s generally available.

With that in mind, we’re announcing pricing for when Codespaces reaches general availability. We hope this information will make it easy for teams to plan ahead, and get started as soon as Codespaces is generally available.

Codespaces is currently in public beta, and is free to use until that time. If you’d like to join the beta, you can request access on our signup page.

The Checks API now has a limit of 1,000 check runs with the same name per check suite.

Using checks, you can run checks against code changes in a repository, as either a check run or a check suite. For two check runs with the same name, only the most recent check run is displayed in the UI, but older versions can be queried via the API.

The new limit restricts how many check runs are stored with the same name, to a maximum of 1,000. If the limit is exceeded, only the most recent 1,000 runs are stored, and older runs are deleted. This change affects both newly created check suites and new check runs in existing check suites. Existing check runs are not affected unless the limit is newly exceeded.

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