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Code scanning API

If you are enrolled in the GitHub Advanced Security code scanning beta, we are releasing new APIs for you to start using. This release also includes some breaking changes to the existing code scanning /alerts API.

New capabilities

  • Get recent code scanning analyses for a repository
  • Update the state of a code scanning alert
  • Upload a SARIF file to create alerts from your GitHub App or GitHub Actions workflow
  • Get webhook events for code scanning alerts

Breaking changes

  • The existing code scanning /alerts endpoint has changed.
    • open has been replaced by state, which can have values open, fixed, or dismissed
    • closed_at, closed_reason, and closed_by have been replaced by dismissed_at, dismissed_reason and dismissed_at.
    • Rule properties are now nested within a rule object
    • Tool properties are now nested within a tool object
    • You can now get status about alerts across multiple branches. This state is stored in the instances object

For more information, see the code scanning API reference

Repositories that use GitHub Pages can now build and deploy from any branch. Publishing to the special gh-pages branch will still work the same as it always has, but you can now choose a different branch in your repository as the publishing source. This functionality also removes the hardcoded dependency on user and organization pages having a master branch.

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