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OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Flow

OAuth Apps and GitHub Apps now feature beta support for the OAuth 2.0 Device Authorization Grant, in addition to the existing Web Application Flow. This allows any CLI client or developer tool to authenticate using a secondary system with a browser.

This feature is in beta and can be opted into in the GitHub Apps settings under Beta Features or OAuth Apps settings under Advanced. Then the new authorize device endpoint will be accessible.

Read the full documentation on Authorizing OAuth Apps and Authorizing Users for GitHub Apps for more information.

GitHub published a full description of its REST API in OpenAPI 3.0 specification compliant documents. The GitHub OpenAPI description contains more than 600 operations exposed in our API. For visual exploration of the API, you can load the description as a Postman Collection. Programmatically, the description can be used to generate mock servers, test suites, and bindings for languages not supported by Octokit.

The description is provided under two formats. The bundled version is preferred for most use cases as it makes use of OpenAPI components for reuse and readability. For tooling that has poor support for inline references to components, we also provide a fully dereferenced version.

Quarterly releases of the description are available for GitHub Enterprise Server and GitHub Private Instances, with versions like v2.21. More frequent updates to the description will be available for

This feature is offered in beta as open source with an MIT license, in this repository.

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You can now add your Twitter username to your GitHub profile directly from your profile page, via profile settings, and also the REST API. We've also added the latest changes:

  • Organization admins can now add Twitter usernames to their profile via organization profile settings and the REST API.
  • All users are now able to see Twitter usernames on user and organization profiles, as well as via the REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • When sponsorable maintainers and organizations add Twitter usernames to their profiles, we'll encourage new sponsors to include that Twitter username when they share their sponsorships on Twitter.
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