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GitHub for mobile 1.2 is now available, with improvements to files changed and reviewing code

GitHub for mobile 1.2 adds more details to diffs, renders markdown files, and lets you mark files as viewed as you’re reviewing them.

The top features include:

  • Improved pull request review experience, with support for marking files as viewed, collapsing files, deleted files, and more
  • Markdown, image, and PDF files now render if you click on them while browsing code
  • Typing new comments is now smoother than ever, with no jumping or flickering
  • Labels, user statuses, and commit messages that used emoji shortcodes now properly render emojis
  • Organization badges on user profiles link to the mentioned organization
  • You can view multiple author avatars for commits on pull request timelines
  • New fork badge on repository profile that links to the parent repository
  • New “Metaphorical Technology” custom app icon!
  • New support for iPad pointer effects
  • Fixed an iPad bug where keyboard dismisses while typing a review
  • Fixed voice-over bugs in the inbox filter view

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Now available for GitHub Enterprise Cloud, SAML SSO and SCIM membership provisioning can be configured at the enterprise account level with an app template from the Okta Integration Network. This allows enterprise owners the ability to provision and deprovision users through a single Okta app. This also allows management of GitHub organization membership through groups data provided by Okta. Please contact your account owner for beta registration.

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