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Updated UI for Changing Repository Visibility

You can now set your repository to any available visibility option – public, private, or internal – from a single dialog in the repository's settings. Previously, you had to navigate separate sections, buttons, and dialog boxes for changing between public and private, and between private and internal.

Learn more about managing repository visibility

Now available for GitHub Enterprise Cloud, SAML SSO and SCIM membership provisioning can be configured at the enterprise account level with an app template from the Okta Integration Network. This allows enterprise owners the ability to provision and deprovision users through a single Okta app. This also allows management of GitHub organization membership through groups data provided by Okta. Please contact your account owner for beta registration.

Learn more about SSO and SCIM with Okta for enterprise accounts.

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When we introduced the workflow scope for Personal Access Tokens we did not apply that permission to existing tokens.

To prevent breaking existing workflows we are enabling this scope on all existing PATs.

If you wish to disable this scope on any PATs please visit the settings page

If you have any questions or thoughts about these changes, we recommend asking in our GitHub Community Forum’s Actions Board!

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