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GitHub Advanced Security LGTM Enterprise 1.24.0

For customers of GitHub Advanced security running LGTM Enterprise, we have released LGTM Enterprise v1.24.0. This release is recommended for all LGTM Enterprise customers and includes improvements to performance through better credential caching, support for GitHub Apps integrations, support for Amazon Machine Image-based workers, and enables Go analysis by default.

Download LGTM Enterprise 1.24.0

GitHub CLI 0.9 allows you to mark pull requests as ready for review, view the diff from your terminal, provide lightweight reviews of others’ pull requests, and even merge pull requests all from your terminal.

  • When you’re done working on a draft pull request, you currently have to update the status on Now you can just use gh pr ready and your pull request will be marked as ready for review.
  • You no longer need to open your browser to approve a pull request. Use gh pr diff to take a look at the PR’s changes, and if everything looks good, you can just use gh pr review --approve and get back to your other work.
  • And finally, when everything is ready to merge, you can use gh pr merge to choose which merge method you’d like to use, and merge your pull request. GitHub CLI will even offer to delete your local and remote branches after merging. We’re excited to see what you’ll release now that you can merge right from your terminal.

As you may have seen in the Satellite presentation about GitHub Desktop, CLI, and Mobile, our goal is to bring GitHub to your fingertips. You can merge pull requests right from your phone, and now you can merge them from your terminal as well.

See how to upgrade in our README!

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