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Organization secrets

You can now create organization secrets, reducing the need to duplicate secrets across repositories.

  • Access policies let you control which repositories have access to the organization secret
  • Updating a secret in one location ensures that the change takes effect in all repositories that use the secret
  • You can view when an organization or repository secret was last updated, making it easier to rotate secrets regularly

The Actions API has been updated to include new organization secrets endpoints.

Learn more about organization secrets

For questions please visit the GitHub Actions community forum

We have released a new version of the GitHub Actions runner.


  • Sample scripts to automate scalable runners (#427)
  • Raise warning when action input does not match action.yml (#429)
  • Add secret masker for trimming double quotes (#440)
  • Use the API_URL and munge action URLs for GHES (#437 #469)
  • Help trace worker crash in telemetry (#450)
  • Update checkout@v1 for GHES (#470)


  • Print node version in debug instead of output (#433)
  • Better error when runner is removed from service (#441)
  • Add help info for '–labels' config option (#472)
  • Sps/token migration fix, job.status/steps.outcome/steps.conclusion case match with GitHub check suites conclusion (#462)
  • Docker build using -f instead of implied default (#471)
  • Fix configure as service when runner name has space. (#474)


  • Make release notes code blocks copy-paste-able (#430)
  • Fix spelling of RHEL and CentOS. (#436)
  • Add CodeQL Analysis workflow (#459)

Learn more about GitHub Actions self-hosted runners

For questions please visit the GitHub Actions community forum

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As a GitHub Enterprise Server customer, you can now access your Enterprise Server licenses on GitHub. With this change, you no longer need to login to the Enterprise Server license management portal. The new license management provides better support for billing and organization managers to manage their licenses, create support tickets, and upload support bundles on GitHub.

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