We have released a new version of the GitHub Actions runner.


  • Sample scripts to automate scalable runners (#427)
  • Raise warning when action input does not match action.yml (#429)
  • Add secret masker for trimming double quotes (#440)
  • Use the API_URL and munge action URLs for GHES (#437 #469)
  • Help trace worker crash in telemetry (#450)
  • Update checkout@v1 for GHES (#470)


  • Print node version in debug instead of output (#433)
  • Better error when runner is removed from service (#441)
  • Add help info for '–labels' config option (#472)
  • Sps/token migration fix, job.status/steps.outcome/steps.conclusion case match with GitHub check suites conclusion (#462)
  • Docker build using -f instead of implied default (#471)
  • Fix configure as service when runner name has space. (#474)


  • Make release notes code blocks copy-paste-able (#430)
  • Fix spelling of RHEL and CentOS. (#436)
  • Add CodeQL Analysis workflow (#459)

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