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New web notifications generally available

The new web notifications interface is now generally available. Filter through your notifications more efficiently to act on the work that is most important to you and your team.

The new interface allows for custom filter workflows in addition to clearing notifications quickly with keyboard shortcuts.

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GitHub for mobile 1.1 adds some of the most requested features to improve commenting, issues, and browsing files. The top features include:

  • Type "@" in issues, comments, and reviews to autocomplete a list of users you can mention
  • Switch branches when browsing files in a repository
  • Browse commits in a repository or pull request
  • Create new issues using issue templates
  • Select from your saved replies when leaving a new comment
  • Create new issues by referencing a comment
  • Easily quote & reply to comments

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Jump to definition and find all references are now available for all JavaScript, PHP, and TypeScript repositories on GitHub. Previously these languages were in beta but are now fully available.

When viewing a JavaScript, PHP, or TypeScript file on, clicking on a function or method name exposes a code navigation card with links to all of its definitions and references within the same repository. We use the semantic library to find definitions and call sites in your code.

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Check out the semantic library

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