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Code navigation is now available for all JavaScript, PHP, and TypeScript repositories

Jump to definition and find all references are now available for all JavaScript, PHP, and TypeScript repositories on GitHub. Previously these languages were in beta but are now fully available.

When viewing a JavaScript, PHP, or TypeScript file on, clicking on a function or method name exposes a code navigation card with links to all of its definitions and references within the same repository. We use the semantic library to find definitions and call sites in your code.

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The repository security tab now includes two new experiences to help you better understand your repository's security at a glance.

  • First, we have added a counter which makes it easy to understand how many security alerts your repository has active. The counter only includes information which is otherwise visible to the logged in user. This change will be rolling out gradually over the next couple of days.
  • Second, we have added an overview experience for your repository security tab which is located at This new overview provides helpful insights about how to configure your repository to make the most of GitHub's built-in security and analysis features. It also provides a summary of known security issues.

Screenshot of new security overview experience

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Anybody with write access to the repo will be able to delete the logs just clicking a button in the workflow run page. The metadata about the workflow run will be still available (jobs, steps and their statuses), however, the log content will no longer be available.

We are also shipping an API if you want to automate log deletion.

For questions, visit the GitHub Actions community

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