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Private repositories with unlimited collaborators available to all GitHub accounts, and changes to GitHub paid plans

We’ve made some updates to our plans for developers and teams.

Free plans:

  • GitHub Team For Open Source is now GitHub Free
  • Organizations and individuals on GitHub Free can now create unlimited private repositories with unlimited collaborators

GitHub Pro:

  • GitHub Pro pricing is reduced from $7/month to $4/month
  • GitHub Pro now includes 2GB of storage and 10GB of data transfer for GitHub Packages

GitHub Team:

  • GitHub Team pricing is reduced from $9 per user/month to $4 per user/month with no minimum seat requirements

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Token leaks are one of the most common security mistakes, and they can have disastrous consequences. GitHub token scanning looks for leaked tokens in public repositories and works with the issuer to notify the developer and/or revoke the token as appropriate. This protects users from fraud and data leaks.

Starting today, GitHub has partnered with Databricks and HubSpot to scan for their developer tokens! This brings our total number of token scanning partners to 24.

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Jump to definition and find all references are now available for all CodeQL and Java repositories on GitHub.

When viewing a CodeQL or Java file on, clicking on a function or method name exposes a code navigation card with links to all of its definitions and references within the same repository. We use the semantic library to find definitions and call sites in your code.

Learn more about jump to definition and find all references

Check out the semantic library

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