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A new interaction for multi-line pull request comments

Since shipping multi-line comments back in October, we've heard feedback that many people expected selecting a range of lines and then clicking the "+" button would also create a multi-line comment. Today, you can do just that.

To leave a comment referencing multiple lines, you can either:

  • click on a line number in the diff view, hold Shift, click on a second line number and click the "+" button next to the second line number; or
  • click and hold to the right of a line number, drag and then release the mouse when you’ve reached the desired line.

Learn more about pull request comments or send us your feedback.

Starting March 3rd, 2020, the Ubuntu virtual environments will no longer start the MySQL service automatically. If you are using MySQL, this may be a breaking change for your workflows. To keep using MySQL, you'll need to start the service as part of your job:

- run: |
    sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start

For the latest updates, be sure to subscribe to the announcement in the actions/virtual-environments repository.

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Repository administrators have a range of responsibilities including triaging issues, reviewing pull requests and, of course, developing code. One of the main duties of an administrator is managing repository access for organization members, outside collaborators, and teams. To make this easier, we’ve redesigned the access settings page to help administrators better understand who has access to their repository and what level of access they have.

To use the new experience, log in to a repository where you have admin privileges, click on the Settings tab and then click Manage access in the left side bar. We can’t wait to learn how this feature helps you and your workflow! To provide feedback, click the feedback link in the top right corner of the page.

Learn more about managing access to your repository

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