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GitHub Actions—scheduled jobs maximum frequency is changing

In order to provide a more reliable experience, we’ve set the minimum time period for scheduled runs to 5 minutes. A schedule of * * * * * which would previously run every minute will now run every five minutes.

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On November 4th, the macOS virtual environment for GitHub Actions will update to Catalina (v10.15), the latest version of macOS X. After the update, jobs using the macos-10.14 virtual environment will not run. Any jobs in your workflows that run on the macos-10.14 virtual environment must migrate to macos-latest.

We’re also making a few changes to the minimum supported versions of Xamarin and Xcode. Changes include:

  • Removed Xamarin.iOS SDK 12.*
  • Removed Xamarin.iOS SDK 11.*
  • Removed Xamarin.iOS SDK 10.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Android SDK 9.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Android SDK 8.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Android SDK 7.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Mac SDK – 5.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Mac SDK – 4.*
  • Removed Xamarin.Mac SDK – 3.*
  • Removed Xcode 10.*
  • Removed Xcode 9.*

To learn more about the different virtual environments and included software, please read Virtual Environments for GitHub Actions. Please contact GitHub Support if you run into any problems or need help.

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The Windows Server 2016 virtual environment will be removed from GitHub Actions in January 2020. You will need to update your workflow files to run on windows-latest which will run on the Windows Server 2019 environment instead. Please leave feedback and questions in the actions/virtual-environments repository.

Updated 12/10: The deprecation date has been moved from December 3, 2019 to January 2020.
Updated 11/7: The deprecation date has been moved from November 7, 2019 to December 3, 2019.

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