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Internal repository visibility is now generally available

The internal repository visibility is now generally available. In addition to recent updates, we’ve added the following capabilities:

  • Search now allows you to filter results for internal repositories using is:internal
  • Enterprise forking policy for private repositories now also applies to internal repositories
  • New internal API parameters for this feature are available for organization and repository endpoints.
  • Additional search indexes are being rebuilt over the next several days to return internal repository pull requests, issues, code, and other searchable objects

The internal repository visibility option makes it easier to innersource code and projects to fellow enterprise members while restricting access to outside collaborators. It is generally available to customers with an Enterprise account.

At this time we are planning to release this functionality to GitHub Enterprise Server version 2.20.

Two new issue template configuration options are now available for issue templates. These can be specified in a config.yml file within your .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE folder. The blank_issues_enabled option allows you to show or hide the Create a blank issue choice when users select New issue in your repository. You can also refer users to another url during the template selection process by specifying contact_links in the configuration file.

Learn more about configuring issue templates in your repository

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