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GitHub Actions – HCL workflows are no longer being run

We have stopped running HCL workflows, as announced on the 17th.

If you still have HCL workflows, please convert your `.github/main.workflow` files using the migrate tool.

The GitHub Actions workflow syntax has new features based on feedback from our community.

Env at the workflow and job level

It is common to need define a set of environment variables that are used in multiple steps in a job and even multiple jobs in a workflow. Now you can add an `env` map at both the workflow and job level. Those environment variables will be merged with the `env` defined at any step lower in the hierarchy.

If at the job level

Many of you have commented that you would like to have jobs that run only under certain conditions just like you can with steps. Now you can define an if as part of a job using the same expressions you can with a step.

    if: github.event_name == 'pull_request'
    - run: echo "Hello in a PR"

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